TR3 - The Left Hand of Darkness
TR3 - On This Mountain Born in Clouds

Welcome to the tablature section. Rather than saying it in the begining every tab I'm just going to state it here. These tabs are very basic compared to what Tim plays. Tim has an unreal gift for improvisation and he showcases that every time he plays. It would be impossible to tab out exactly what he plays cause it changes every night. You may view more notes below the tabs.

     After the Goldrush (Neil Young)
     And Then They Were Free
     As Far As You Can See
     Bach Piece
     Bitter Sweet
     Breathing Space
     Buffalo Soldier (Marley)
     Century Sister
     Classical Tune
     Come Together (Beatles Cover)
     Decline in Reason
     Delicate Balance
     Do It Yourself
     Feeling Doors
     Flourescence / Valley Of Flowers
     Heaven Is In The Heart/High In The West
     Helplessly Harnessing
     Hopeful Heresy
     Imaginary Time
     In Your Eyes
     Intuition Like a Child
     Is Anybody Here
     Jemez Rolling Waves
     Jump Nyabinghi (Marley)
     Letting Go
     Loose Interpretations
     Los Alamos Is Burning
     Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel)
     No Other
     Ohio (Niel Young Cover)
     Open Up and Let It In
     Radar Contact
     Rheginos and the Resurrection
     San Jacinto
     Stranger In A Strained Land
     The Messenger
     The Way Farer
     There is no Judgement
     They're Coming Soon
     To Touch Yearning
     Tree of Life
     Try A Little Harder
     Turn It Into Love
     Vantage Point
     You Are My Sanity
     Zimbabwe (Marley)

Tim accompanies his guitar technique, with a pretty basic (but powerful) acoustic set-up. The pedals he uses are where those unearthly sounds originate. If you are interested in learning about Tim's set-up please visit the Guitar Setup Page.

Here are a few tips about Tim's style:

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all the tabbers. With out them this page would not be possible. If you would like to submit a tab Click Here.