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Thursday, January 17, 2008
Reynolds' Work In Progress Richmond Times Dispatch

Reynolds' work in progress
Change is constant for the guitarist and former Dave Matthews Band sideman

Thursday, Jan 17, 2008 - 12:04 AM


Music fans became familiar with Tim Reynolds' stunning guitar work when he was a sideman for the Dave Matthews Band.

Certainly those DMB gigs put Reynolds in front of his largest audiences, but he has also done quality work as a solo acoustic guitar act, half of the Dave Matthews-Tim Reynolds acoustic duo and leader of various incarnations of his own trio, TR3.

Just as the players who surround him often change, the music that Reynolds surrounds his audiences with is always a work in progress.

"I describe it as neurotic schizophrenia," Reynolds said by phone from his home in North Carolina's Outer Banks. "The neurotic in me is always needing to learn more, and the schizophrenia is that as soon I get through one genre, I'm already trying to check out another one."

Case in point: Reynolds' recent rediscovery of the roots of the blues.

"When I first started playing guitar, I checked out electric blues from the'60s and'70s," he said. "But in the last couple years, I checked out older blues. After studying so may other kinds of music jazz and Indian music -- it was a great thing to go back to this really simple but most complex of forms."

After calling New Mexico home for eight years, Reynolds and his family moved to the Outer Banks last summer. He immersed himself in the local music scene, sitting in with anyone who would have him.

Through those sessions, Reynolds met up with bass player Mick Vaughn and drummer Dan Martier, his current partners in TR3.

"All the different editions of TR3 had a totally different flavor," Reynolds said. "If all the CDs were ever released, there would be clear trajectory of different versions.

"It goes with the territory that different players bring their own personal histories to the band. These two guys bring a really rich, lovely bunch of variables."

The group is so versatile that when the three take their act on the road this winter, audiences will hear everything from James Brown and Prince covers to Reynolds' impossible-to-describe originals.

"I'm really digging it, because there's a lot of stuff I haven't tapped into," he said. "Everybody sings really good, so there's a whole different element of vocals that wasn't developed before. I think the sound of the band is really full. . . . Over the years, you learn how to do things; and this time around with the band, I can draw on 10 years or more of having a band.

"Some of the richest musical experiences I've ever had have been with this local band, just soulful and priceless moments of music. Not wild and band-jammy, just powerful and subtle, playing a great song and playing it the way it is. . . . I feel lucky to have all those things."

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