TR3 - The Left Hand of Darkness
TR3 - On This Mountain Born in Clouds

Gossip of the Nuerons (1996)
Tim Reynolds

Recorded live, direct to DAT with no overdubs, at Millers in Charlottesville, VA. This cd features Tim solo acoustic, masterfully manipulating a Boss DD5 and Morley Volume pedal to extraordinary results. This release has a very spacey feel and begs to be listened to as one continuous piece of music.

01 - Hermetic Dew Drops
02 - After the Dust Settles
03 - Imaginary Time
04 - Big Blast of Hot Air
05 - The Gossip of Neurons
06 - Loose Interpretation
07 - Breathing Space
08 - Letting Go
09 - Kundalini Bonfire
10 - There is no Judgment
11 - Not of this World

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