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 06/29/07 - 07/01/07 Blues Alley Washington DC
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Posted - 07/02/2007 :  06:46:31 AM  Show Profile  Send Fluffy an AOL message  Reply with Quote
I am going to post the setlists for now and I hope to post more about the experience later but just the selitsts will take quite a while to type. TR covered almost all of his acoustic repertoire over the 6 shows at Blues Alley. It was definitely an experience you wanted to be there for all 6 shows. Imagine seeing almost all of TR's acoustic catalog over 3 nite. Quite enviable. TR joked after writing his 6th and final setlist for the run of Blues Alley shows, "Good thing I don't have to play tomorrow nite, I would have to start repeating songs." TR and myself are pretty sure that over the course of the 6 shows he only played 2 songs twice and one of those was a brand new one. Here are the setlists:

Friday Night Early Show

{setlist title:}SOFT

Space Wings
Open Up
(Time Has Told Me)
Space Legs
War Must End
Space Eyes
Delicate Balance
To The Next
Death Squad

Friday Nite Late Show

{side margin note}Maybe Play New "We Are From Outer Space"

Cosmic Cake
In Your Eye
This Is the One
Time Has Told Me
Reginos And The Resurrection
Mind Warp
Revolution All Around
Try A Little Hardness
Hands Fall
Strom + Naked Cookies
Smells So Sweet
Unclear Unusual Unicycle Injury
Letting Go
As Far As We Can Go
Hold On

I think he skipped Time Has Told Me during the first set. He finished In Your Eyes by going into a spontaneous version of Genesis Watcher Of The Skies. Guess we could call it Watcher IN YOUR skEYES. LOL Stream had the Led Zep medley in it.

Saturday Nite Early Show

{setlist titled:}Softy McFingers

Poison Arrow Cure
Captain Girl
Uncle Hair
Runnin' Away(Jazz Solo)
Noble So & So
Scarab - stretched
Don't Know Dick
Ape(shit) With A Pick And A Slide
Do It
Turn (Sun?)
We Are From Outer Space

Saturday Nite Late Show

{margin note}Softy Pillows
{setlist entitled:}Mental Aggregate Overreach

Decline In Raisins
The Truth
Chatterbox - Nefertiti
Hidden Variables
Deep Space Blind
Ode To The Box
Here Comes The Son
Space Mouse
These Times
I Love You, I Hate You
You Don't Know
You's Ain't Blind, You's Blurry
Cold Sweat

It was either the early set on Saturday or one of the 2 sets from Friday that TR finished with Levee Breaks. Nefertiti is a Miles Davis cover. I think this may be the first TIMe TR has played this one since I started working for him. Tonite was the first nite that the new song, "We Are From Outer Space" was actually played although it was a possiblity the nite before, he never actually played it on Friday.

Sunday Nite Early Show

Space Goat
Inner City Blues/What's Goin On
Segovia's I & II
Century Sister
Continue(or Impermanance)
Natural Mystic
We Are From Outer Space
Big Blast of Wrong
A Wobble In Your Legs
Feeling Doors
Improv Melting Layers(12)
Space Stuff
Breathing Space
And Then
White House

Set ended with "And Then They Were Free". Nutballs was forsaked for a rowsing version of "This Is The One". I am pretty sure Impermanance was not played as it was played in the later set. White House Denies & Gas Mask were played in the next set instead. It was really hard to keep track of all of this in my head. I really should have taken notes. LOL

Sunday Nite Late Show

Etheric Snowbow
Love Is Blue Chillgroove
Is Anybody Here?
>The Letter
She's Not Your Woman(after The Letter)
Home There's No Place Like Home
Psychic Travelers(Faster Than The Speed of Fright)
12 String Improv(Pandoras Circle)
Buick McKane
Only Love Can Break Your Heart 12(improv)
Gas Mask
Mercy Street
Underground Drone
White House Denies
Old Bone
Whole Lottatime
Go Off
All You Need

Impermanance was played instead of Is Anybody Here as TR said he hadn't practiced it enuf and when he started it he thought it was going bad so it switched it to Impermanance. Genesis "Squonk" also made an appearance during this set but neither myself or TR could remember exactly where. TR said it was around his drop D songs somewhere. Anyway, it was there as well.

I forget which shows on which nites the following were played but they also made appearances:

Jesus Loves The Little Children
They're Coming To Take Me Away

Sadly, these shows were not recorded. Dirty Sloth showed up prepared to record both Saturday and Sunday shows but at the last minute the owners decided not to allow recording. A second taper showed up on Saturday nite and although he was also denied, he did manage to surreptitiously record the late show on saturday so we will just have to wait and see how the recording comes out. That is the only one that was recorded. You really should have been there as it was overwhelming to see such a large portion of TR's repertoire covered over only 3 nites. TR said it was metally exhausting to cover so much material over such a short span of TIMe. He pulled it off and each subsequent performance was better than the one before.

The only questionable one was the very first show as we only had a short TIMe to soundcheck. Since we had limited TIMe to soundcheck we opted to soundcheck with the usual Martin 6 & 12 strings. TR had brought his new sustainable wood Martin along and was hoping to incorporate it on the second nite. TR had just gotten it outfitted with an Aura box so he was looking forward to using it on this run maybe in place of the usual Martin 6 string. After talking to the soundperson we found out that there wouldn't be a soundcheck the second nite so at the last minute we tried to make the new Martin and Aura work very quickly and in the empty room at soundcheck it sounded great. Sadly, when TR took the stage with a full house the guitar ended up sounding really boxy and TR and I were never happy with the way it sounded during the early show. We opted to change back to the regular Martin that we had soundchecked with for the Friday nite late show and from that performance on everything sounded AMAZING! I knew these shows were going to be great but I couldn't have imagined how special they would end up being when it was all said and done.

The venue treated us so well and we had such a great TIMe. Very easy 3 days. The weather on Friday was pretty hot and humid, Saturday also hot and humid but a tad milder than Friday and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday we even had a little excitement during the evening. A suspicious package was discovered near the foot of the alley where Blues Alley is located and for about 2 hours they had the entire main intersection of Wisconsin & M St blocked off to pedestrians and traffic. We had to wait a bit for TR to go on because by the TIMe of the late show on some of the folks had not been able to make it to the club. Traffic was backed up and people were just trapped in the traffic. Guess DC was a little jumpy after the Glasgow bombing earlier. All in all it was a fantastic 3 nites and I wish all of you could have been there to witness some of the most amazing performances I have ever witnessed by TR. Patrick(dirtysloth) said they were the BEST he had ever seen or heard. I will let him fill you in with more details on that. This room and the audience were so suited to "The Perfect TR Show". Speaking of the audience, it was a very unique audience for TR to play to as a large percentage of it was people who had never even heard of TR. He made alot of new fans over the course of these 6 shows. Blues Alley has a reputation that attracts locals and tourists who happen to be in Georgetown on any given nite. I kept watching the lines form out front and kept thinking to myself, "These don't look like TR fans to me." The other side of that was that the usual TR fans that you expect to see are not the kind of audience that Blues Alley is used to seeing at their shows. It was a a really wonderful mix and everyone left overwhelmed. I think it was a kewl experience for everyone involved. TR got to play for his fans plus alot of new folks who had never even heard of him before sitting down to enjoy a nice dinner and some good music at a GREAT club. Thanx to Kris, C, Dax, Sharon, Regina, Lindsay, Carla, Carlton, Tirea and the rest of the staff at Blues Alley for treating us like kings and affording us some of the most enjoyable shows TR has ever done.

Peace & Keep the Faith

Hopeful Rolling Waves
Alien Abductee

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Posted - 07/02/2007 :  07:46:43 AM  Show Profile  Send Hopeful Rolling Waves an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Please kill me. What is up with no recording? Such a heap of bullshit. Sounds like the cREW had a good TIMe though. Sanity on 12? Inner City Blues/What's Going On? WATCHER OF THE SKIES?!


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Is Anybody Here?

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Posted - 07/02/2007 :  09:43:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What a great show Sat. evening. I want to thank Tim, Fluffy and crew for an amazing show. Thanks for the pics guys.
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Posted - 07/02/2007 :  9:52:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit JemezFoodPeople's Homepage  Send JemezFoodPeople an AOL message  Reply with Quote
I'm so upset that I missed Sunday's show I was driving back from NJ and got caught in some traffic. Got back to my house at 9:55pm... wahhhh

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Hopeful Rolling Waves
Alien Abductee

South Sandwich Islands
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Posted - 07/02/2007 :  10:12:57 PM  Show Profile  Send Hopeful Rolling Waves an AOL message  Reply with Quote
I yell at traffic. 1 point for me.

As I just was digging holes in my yard, I realized Tim had played Nefertiti. WTF! Shoot me dead, honestly. Hope to chit that fickin' recording surfaces!

Though, I can't help but think it may have been inspired by Clive Carroll's ripping rendition of Black Nile.

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Is Anybody Here?

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Posted - 07/03/2007 :  03:19:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey guys...I read the boards all the time, although I hardly ever post anything. Anyway, I've been an enormous TR fan for a long time. I posted a couple years ago when I finally got to meet Tim after a show in Philadelphia. It was just a handshake and an autograph, but it was an awesome experience. What was disappointing at the time though, was that my brother (who knows I'm such a huge fan) brought his camera and was going to get a picture of Tim and I, but he realized he forgot the memory card for his camera.

I've since moved to DC, and my brother and I made it to the early show on Friday. After the show, we randomly saw Tim walking back from Starbucks. My brother pulls out his camera, this time with a memory card, and Rew was kind enough to take a picture of Tim with me, my brother, and another friend. So I finally got that picture.

But my brother, who clearly felt bad about what happened a few years ago, knew I was also going to the show on Sunday. So right before I left for the show, he hands me a 5x7 of the picture that he apparently had developed on Saturday and says "it would be pretty cool if you got Tim to sign this."

So I showed up early for the Sunday show (so I could guarantee my spot at the front center table). I saw Tim walking around after his brief sound check, but I didn't want to bug him with my stupid request. But there was a period of about 5-10 seconds when he was literally standing there, doing nothing, so I figured I probably wouldn't be bothering him. So I go up and ask him to sign the picture, and he was totally cool about it...he even knew the picture was from Friday (because he recognized his own shirt). But then he starts telling me this story about a picture of him in Italy, and I think to myself "Holy shit, I'm having a legitimate one-on-one conversation with Tim freaking Reynolds, and as soon as he's done this story I'm going to have NOTHING to say because I'm kinda in shock"...which is more or less what happened. But either way, it worked out much better than I had imagined.

I know, I know....I sound like a 13 year old girl after an N'Sync concert. But I don't care, I'll have that autographed picture for the rest of my life, and actually getting to meet Tim was like the highlight of my year.

And I have to agree that the shows were awesome. I wish I could have caught more of them. The early show on Sunday was definitely one of the best I have ever seen. So, thank you Tim for the shows, the picture, the autograph, and the conversation. And of course thanks to everyone else (like Rew and my brother) who made all those things happen. It was definitely a memorable experience for me.
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Is Anybody Here?

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Posted - 09/07/2007 :  5:29:22 PM  Show Profile  Send basu21 an AOL message  Reply with Quote
I went to the Saturday early show, and it was unbelievable! The crowd was a little bit disrespectful at the beginning I feel (excessive chattering), but other then that they seemed to be really into it. I think that the setlist could have been better, and the show a bit longer, but I guess playing 6 shows in 3 nights can be tiring! I finally got to meet Tim upstairs, and I was lucky enough to get a picture and a pick of his autographed. I'm not sure which assistant was cleaning up the stage after him, but he was nice enough to give me one of Tim's guitar picks. Kudos to you!
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